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  • q-iconWhat is your personal experience with anxiety?

    My story is way too long to type out, but I believe there is a great strength to be found in vulnerability, and that’s why I put together a video to share my own anxiety experience with you. If you ever want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll happily tell you anything else you are looking for.


  • q-iconHow long will this course take me to go through?

    That will ultimately be determined by how quickly you decide to go through the content. In total there are 17 main instructional videos all between 8 to 15 minutes in length. I’ve designed the course so that just these alone should be enough to help you out, but there are a number of additional resources including guided meditations, worksheets, and an online community scattered throughout to help take things to the next level.

  • q-iconWhy should I join The Hack Anxiety Toolbox facebook group?

    The main reason would be to get as much as possible from your membership. Through the group I will be having regular discussions about course content, answering your questions, and even live streaming more anxiety hacking content such as guided meditations.

    All scheduled live content will be announced through the group to allow you time to plan to be available. But even if you are not able to join us when a particular segment goes live, it will always be available in the archives of the group.

  • q-iconWhat makes you qualified to teach this course on anxiety?

    My only qualification is that like you I once suffered from very severe anxiety. I’m not a doctor, a researcher, or anything else I’m sure part of you would like me to be. I’m an ordinary human being who once suffered from anxiety, and given how unpleasant it was I blitzed through every possible solution I could find to put an end to it. I’ve now been anxiety-free for over a year and simply want to share my methods with you in hopes of helping you accomplish this as well.

  • q-iconHow do you know that you are now actually anxiety free?

    This question too was hard to get across in a short typed out answer, so I once again opted to create a quick video describing why I can confidently say that I’m anxiety free.


  • q-iconHow long will I have access to the course material with this membership?

    As of June 2018, the course is now hosted on the platform Udemy giving you lifetime access to it. But in the off-chance that the course ever goes offline, you would always be given plenty of notice and the opportunity to download the material for later personal use.

  • q-iconCan you guarantee that this course is going to make me anxiety free?

    I wish I could, but there are far too many variables in play that prevent me from being able to make such a guarantee. What I can promise is that I included everything I possibly could within this course to maximize the chances that it does help you just like it has helped me and several of my friends and loved ones.

    Keep in mind that one of the biggest factors that will contribute to the course’s potential effectiveness is the level of commitment you give to it. The more you not only pay attention but also actively look to incorporate these tools into your life, the more likely they are to work.

  • q-iconI've never enjoyed or always have trouble meditating, how can I overcome this to use those parts of the course material?

    Experiencing difficulty with meditation is a lot more common than we can imagine. To help combat this, I’ve purposely created each of the guided meditations within this course to be very visually instructive. I’ve found that having clear visuals helps with not only engaging with the meditation, but also staying engaged throughout it.

    Another important note is that if your mind still manages to wander, don’t waste your time getting angry at yourself or believing that the meditation isn’t working for you. Simply bring yourself back to the words being said and trust that you are still going to get something from the experience.

  • q-iconWill this course ever be made available in other languages?

    This is without a doubt a goal of mine for the near future. For now I need to focus on making sure the experience with the English version is optimized, and then I will look into translations and/or subtitles. Thankfully I’ve already had several individuals offer their help for when that time comes.

  • q-iconI'm having trouble accessing a technical element of the course, who should I contact?

    As of June 2018, the course is now hosted on Udemy so their support team would be best to contact given any issues. Although they are widely recognized for their incredible reliability and have such a strong user base largely because of that. But if any unsolvable trouble arises please do not hesitate to contact and I will work to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

  • q-iconIs this course worth the money?

    Considering how much time, love, and effort I put into creating this course, I think it’s a steal of deal. But we all have a different concept of what is and isn’t expensive. I’ll put it to you this way: I spent WAY more buying the books, attending the events, listening to the speakers, and having sessions with practitioners to find out what I’m sharing with you for this one low price.

  • q-iconIs there anything inside this course that I cannot already find for free online?

    While some of what I speak about in the course has been spoken about by others, even that I’ve altered based on my own experience and application with it. The internet is certainly filled with a number of great anxiety resources that I encourage you to seek out, but I’ve been down that road and it took me several years to get to where I am today. I designed this course specifically to help you expedite your way to an anxiety-free life since I assume free time isn’t a plentiful resource in most of our lives.

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